OpenID Connect Webinar

On March 18th, 2021. I’ve held a webinar on the topic of OpenID protocol implementation and usage in the AAI@EduHr authentication and authorization infrastructure.

Docker image with PHP 8 and Xdebug 3

PHP 8.0 is now released, as well as official PHP docker images which you can use as a base for creating (development) environments to suit your needs. With the release of PHP 8, the must-have development tool Xdebug version 3 is also released, which brings many great new features, but also a change in configuration … Read more

Izračun doze sirupa za temperaturu

Ako ste se uvijek iznova morali prisjećati kako se računa doza sirupa za snižavanje temperature koju biste trebali dati svom djetetu u odnosu na njegovu kilažu – onda smo imali isti problem :). Zato sam napravio kalkulator za izračun doze sirupa za temperaturu, a sve što je potrebno jest unijeti djetetovu kilažu u za to … Read more

Dynamic Array Data Structure in PHP

When talking about array data structure in general (not in PHP), we know that arrays can hold any data type as value are fixed in size (have fixed capacity) have random access (can get or set items using indexes in constant time O(1)) In PHP, arrays are mighty dynamic by default, but in our previous … Read more

Fixed Array Data Structure in PHP

When talking about Array as a data structure in general (not in PHP), we know that arrays: can contain any type of data have a fixed size (they can’t grow) have random access, meaning we use indexes to access any element at constant time O(1), which is really fast Typical operations which can be done … Read more

Update for

Multilingual IT Dictionary – Strucko was updated and now includes a browsing feature for each available language. When particular language is selected, a list of letters will be shown for user to choose from. When a letter is selected, a list of available terms starting with that letter will be shown. Pagination is also enabled … Read more

Round a decimal number using Modulo operator

If you ever need to round a number, you can easily do that by using a Modulo operator. Modulo operator returns a remainder after division of one number with another. So, if we do a modulo operation of some decimal number with a number 1, we will get a remainder after the decimal point (dot … Read more