I’m a computer engineer and during my workday I generally work on two computers, one at my workplace and one at my home. I used to sync my documents and other files between my work and home computer by using the free Windows Live Mesh app offered from Microsoft for free. It worked great for me… However, Microsoft decided to retire it, and pushed all their users to SkyDrive. Although I do use SkyDrive for cloud storage, the limitation is that it has limited space, you have to store your synced files online (I don’t want to do that for some files), and it can’t be used to sync various folders on your computer with various folders on your other computer (you can only sync files in your SkyDrive folder).

The best replacement for syncing various folders for me is the BitTorrent Sync app. It works like a charm, and it’s really easy to set up. It uses torrent technology so you can sync large files without any problems, and it doesn’t use the cloud to store your files so you don’t have to worry about the available cloud space. If you search for the Mesh app replacement, I strongly suggest the BitTorrent Sync. You can get it on the official BitTorrent Sync webpage.