When Will Apple Release New iPhone Version

There is a way in which big companies can get bigger profit if they wait the right moment to release its product. There are several phases through which all products go pass, and companies will often wait to get to the right phase and then release new version of some product.  This is so typical with electronic devices such as iPhone and similar. At the time of writing this article, we all wait the release of the new iPhone 5. Why will Apple release it now? Was Apple ready to release it sooner?

Phase 1. Product Introduction

Every product will go through the phase in which the company introduces it to the public. In this phase the product is highly advertised. The product starts selling from zero and the sales are not that drastic. 

Phase 2. Growth Phase

In the second phase, the product starts selling rapidly. Let’s say that Apples iPhone 4S is in this phase now. Will apple release the new iPhone 5 in that phase? Not a chance…

Phase 3. Stage of Maturity

In the third phase the sales of the product are more or less constant. In this phase the company earns the most money. Let’s say that iPhone 4S is in that phase. Will Apple release the new iPhone 5? Of course not…

Phase 4. Phase of Decline

In phase four the product is getting old. Fewer and fewer people are buying it, and earnings for company are decreasing. Will Apple release new iPhone version in this phase?

Yes, this is perfect time to release the new version of an iPhone. So, in our case the iPhone 4S is in phase 4, and Apple will release the new iPhone 5 to continue earning as much money as they can. It will be interesting to see how Apple copes with other rival companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, etc. which are making better and better smartphones for less money. Users are starting to realize that. 

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