Translating WordPress Themes to Specific Language

Recently I had to translate Real Homes WordPress theme from InspiryThemes. This theme is translation ready, and the tutorial on how to translate it to only one language is this Knowledge Base Article.

However, there is a small catch on how to properly name your new PO file (which is mentioned in the tutorial) in order for everything to work.

For example, I had to translate the theme to Croatian language. If you read the mentioned Knowledge Base Article, you’ll see that the PO file should be named something like fr_FR.po.

However, if I look at the wp-content/languages folder in my WordPress installation, I see that the translation file name for Croatian language is hr.po.

So, the right name for translation file for Real Homes theme is also hr.po, and the file with that name should be placed in the wp-content/themes/realhomes-child/languages folder.

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