Support for Windows XP SP3 ends April 8, 2014.

imageSupport for Windows XP and for Office 2003 will end April 8, 2014. Windows XP was one of the most popular OS ever. The fact is that the support for this OS has been extended several times, and that is due to the poor acceptance of Vista OS. According to some statistics there are still around 500 million users of Windows XP at the time of writing this post.

This date is really important for organizations!!Why? Because after that date Windows XP will no longer be a safe environment to work in. Also, for corporations this is not only a software replacement. The problem is that about the half of hardware devices used in corporations (like scanners, printers and similar), don’t have support for newer operating systems. That means that for them this doesn’t only mean buying new operating system, it also means buying new hardware devices. If your organization works with Windows XP and you still haven’t started the migration to newer operating system, Microsoft claims that you are probably late now. Microsoft says: “Based on historical customer deployment data, the average enterprise deployment can take 18 to 32 months from business case through full deployment.” I think that there is still enough time ;).

For home users the end of support won’t be a big problem. Home users will still be able to use Windows XP if they want to, but without security updates.

For more information about Windows Lifecycle facts, visit this page: Windows lifecycle fact sheet

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