When Will Apple Release New iPhone Version

There is a way in which big companies can get bigger profit if they wait the right moment to release its product. There are several phases through which all products go pass, and companies will often wait to get to the right phase and then release new version of some product.  This is so typical with electronic … Read more

Croatian Metal Bands – YouTube Playlist

We have made a YouTube playlist of Croatian Metal Bands (one song per band). At the time of writing this post we have collected 170 of them. If you know another Croatian metal band which is not on this list, let us know ;). Bands that are currently in the playlist are:40Gradi, Agharti, Amok, Anesthesia, … Read more

Flash Causes Scrollbar in Chrome to Shift to the Left

Flash player already caused Chrome a lot of problems with constant crashing. A lot of users abandoned Chrome because of that… but, now we have another problem. If I visit a web site which has some flash content on it, the Scrollbar and actually the whole window will shift to the left. My Chrome version is 21.0.1180.81, and … Read more

Google Account Activity (beta) – Now We Know :)

If you have a Google account, you can now enable new feature called Account Activity, to get interesting stats about your time spent on the Internet. Because of recent changes in Google’s new unified privacy policy, this is Google’s attempt to make all that data more transparent. Transparency is better than no transparency, if you ask me, but..To be … Read more

JustHost Down – March 29, 2012

JustHost.com is a very popular hosting company, in the case you don’t know. I am a humble user and didn’t complain about them in public, but now the time has come to do JUST that!I have one site on their servers (http://www.utilizewindows.com/), and today it went down. First I had some problems with database connection, … Read more

Utilize Windows

Stranica na kojoj se mogu pronaći članci o naprednom konfiguriranju Windows operacijskih sustava, počevši od Windows XP, Vista, 7, pa sve do Server verzija kao što su Server 2003 i 2008 OS. Link: www.utilizewindows.com