Important Dates for Microsoft (up to December 2012.)

Date Event 1975 Microsoft founded Jan. 1, 1979 Microsoft moves from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Bellevue, Washington June 25, 1981 Microsoft incorporates Aug. 12, 1981 IBM introduces its personal computer with Microsoft’s 16-bit operating system, MS-DOS 1.0 Feb. 26, 1986 Microsoft moves to corporate campus in Redmond, Washington March 13, 1986 Microsoft stock goes public … Read moreImportant Dates for Microsoft (up to December 2012.)

New E-book Published on

We have published a new e-book about Windows XP operating system. In this e-book you can read about common administration tasks in Windows XP. Among other things, you will learn about user and group management, hardware management, network settings configuration, file system management, security including NTFS permissions, printer configuration, optimization tools, recovery options, and a … Read moreNew E-book Published on

Flash Causes Scrollbar in Chrome to Shift to the Left

Flash player already caused Chrome a lot of problems with constant crashing. A lot of users abandoned Chrome because of that… but, now we have another problem. If I visit a web site which has some flash content on it, the Scrollbar and actually the whole window will shift to the left. My Chrome version is 21.0.1180.81, and … Read moreFlash Causes Scrollbar in Chrome to Shift to the Left