At The Gates Lyrics Revealed (Statistics)

This is an analysis of song lyrics from the At The Gates band. I used lyrics from the I included all their songs (41 song) except “Bister Verklighet”, since it’s not in English. I used for text analysis. In 41 song there was a total of 5 611 words, and 1 293 unique … Read more

Field class at DOK-ING

Yesterday we visited DOK-ING, a 100% privately owned Croatian company, established in the late 1991 and registered for the production of robotized and special purposes systems and equipment. The headquarters, production facilities and service are located at 15.000 square meters area in Zagreb, Croatia. The secondary production facilities are in Slunj, some 50 km south … Read more

PHP skripta za korištenje MAC Address Lookup API-a (XML verzija resursa).

U nastavku je mala PHP skripta za korištenje API-a koji omogućuje traženje proizvođača vezanog za pojedinu MAC adresu. Besplatan API koji koristim dostupan je na adresi: Prije početka rada morate se registrirati na toj stranici kako biste dobili svoj API key. U kodu sam izostavio moj API key, pa morate unijeti svoj kako bi … Read more

VMWare Player error: Module DiskEarly power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine.

My computer shut down unexpectedly while VMWare Player was running Kali Linux. When I tried to power on my virtual machine again, I got the following error:  “Module DiskEarly power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine.” The solution to solve this problem is to simply copy the files of the virtual machine to … Read more