JustHost Down – March 29, 2012

JustHost.com is a very popular hosting company, in the case you don’t know. I am a humble user and didn’t complain about them in public, but now the time has come to do JUST that!
I have one site on their servers (http://www.utilizewindows.com/), and today it went down. First I had some problems with database connection, and after that everything just crashed. When I try to connect to my JustHost account, I get the following message:

Logging in…

An error has occurred creating the cPanel session. We are already working to correct the error and we’re sorry for any inconvenience. Please wait a few minutes and try again.

Please wait while you are redirected to: https://my.justhost.com/cgi-bin/cplogin?fail=1
Click here if it does not login automatically.

So, the problem is not just mine :). I waited a few minutes… then few hours :)… And still, this message keeps on appearing… Since I had problems with database connection at first, I am afraid of the worse – database being destroyed. Well, I actually made regular back-up of my whole site, so I will be able to restore it once they go back online. But, I wonder how many site owners from the same shared server has the latest backup :). Currently my site is sharing the IP address with 266 other sites, and none of them works, of course… You can check this here: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/?remoteAddress=
Also, in the list of other sites I can see that some sites actually sell something :). I would like to see their face now when nothing is working :).
I also have to mention the speed, or to be more precise – the slowness of my site. In the chart below you can see performance of my site.

As you can see, my site is in the RED zone. On average, pages in my site take 10.4 seconds to load (updated on Mar 10, 2012). This is slower than 95% of all sites!!! Also, notice the peek – 35 seconds!!

Well, I am sorry JustHost, but as soon as I get my hands to my CPanel, off I go to another hosting company… I should have done this much sooner!

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