Formal Education

Master of Information Technology, Specialist graduate professional study in Information Technologies, Polytechnic of Zagreb, November 2014., GPA 4.889

Informal Education

Complete JavaScript Course, July 2019

Certificate of Completion

MongoDB Basics, July 2018.

Course on how to install MongoDB, how to use Compass, the MongoDB GUI, the MongoDB document model and basic schema design, the MongoDB query language, how to use Atlas, MongoDB’s hosted database as a service offering, and more. Course details are available here:

Course completion confirmation:

Mobile Web Specialist, June 2018.

Topics covered include Accessible and Responsive Web Apps, Offline Capable Web Apps and Performant Web Apps. Full description is available here:–nd024.

Earned Certificate:

Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex), October 2017.

Course about Vue JS JavaScript Framework.

Earned certificate: Vue JS – Marko Ivančić Certificate

Google Analytics for Beginners, September 2017.

Introduction to Google Analytics.

Earned Certificate: Google Analytics for Beginners Marko Ivančić Certificate

Digital Garage, July 2017.

Education from Google on online marketing for a certification from Google and IAB Europe. Offers to expand digital skills to grow business and career, or just confidence. Gained knowledge on how to get noticed on the web. Course available at:

Earned certificate: Google Digital Garage – Marko Ivančić Certificate

Introduction to Linux, August 2014.

A course of study offered by LinuxFoundationX, an online learning initiative of The Linux Foundation through edX.

Earned certificate: LFS101x: Introduction to Linux – Marko Ivančić certificate