Update for strucko.com

Multilingual IT Dictionary – Strucko was updated and now includes a browsing feature for each available language. When particular language is selected, a list of letters will be shown for user to choose from. When a letter is selected, a list of available terms starting with that letter will be shown. Pagination is also enabled … Read more

jQuery X-CSRF-TOKEN header in Laravel 5.4

In Laravel 5.4, we already have HTTP client configured out-of-the-box, that we can use in frontend. It is axios. In file resources\assets\js\bootstrap.js we can see the default headers that will be included in every request that we make with axios. However, although jQuery is also bootstraped, the default headers for jQuery are not set. If … Read more

Show all sites under My Sites menu in WordPress

When running WordPress in multisite mode, you’ll be able to create multiple sites with only one WordPress installation. However, WordPress won’t show all your sites under My Sites menu item if you don’t do one specific thing. If you want to show specific sites under My Sites menu, you have to add you existing user as … Read more

Translating WordPress Themes to Specific Language

Recently I had to translate Real Homes WordPress theme from InspiryThemes. This theme is translation ready, and the tutorial on how to translate it to only one language is this Knowledge Base Article. However, there is a small catch on how to properly name your new PO file (which is mentioned in the tutorial) in … Read more

Shaky Video Fix Demonstration From YouTube

YouTube has a new feature in which it will try to fix our shaky videos. This is a one click solution in which it will offer to apply a fix to our video if it finds it shaky. A notification bar will appear on the upload page, in Video Manager, or later when we watch … Read more

Flash Causes Scrollbar in Chrome to Shift to the Left

Flash player already caused Chrome a lot of problems with constant crashing. A lot of users abandoned Chrome because of that… but, now we have another problem. If I visit a web site which has some flash content on it, the Scrollbar and actually the whole window will shift to the left. My Chrome version is 21.0.1180.81, and … Read more