Google Play Music and Bit Rate

I recently started using Google Play Music service from Google. I’ve uploaded few of my albums, and I happened to notice one thing. It seems that Google has improved the quality of my mp3 files :). On one of my albums, tracks were encoded with 192 kbps. After I’ve downloaded the same songs which I … Read more

At The Gates Lyrics Revealed (Statistics)

This is an analysis of song lyrics from the At The Gates band. I used lyrics from the I included all their songs (41 song) except “Bister Verklighet”, since it’s not in English. I used for text analysis. In 41 song there was a total of 5 611 words, and 1 293 unique … Read more

Croatian Metal Bands – YouTube Playlist

We have made a YouTube playlist of Croatian Metal Bands (one song per band). At the time of writing this post we have collected 170 of them. If you know another Croatian metal band which is not on this list, let us know ;). Bands that are currently in the playlist are:40Gradi, Agharti, Amok, Anesthesia, … Read more