PHP skripta za korištenje MAC Address Lookup API-a (XML verzija resursa).

U nastavku je mala PHP skripta za korištenje API-a koji omogućuje traženje proizvođača vezanog za pojedinu MAC adresu. Besplatan API koji koristim dostupan je na adresi: Prije početka rada morate se registrirati na toj stranici kako biste dobili svoj API key. U kodu sam izostavio moj API key, pa morate unijeti svoj kako bi … Read more

VMWare Player error: Module DiskEarly power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine.

My computer shut down unexpectedly while VMWare Player was running Kali Linux. When I tried to power on my virtual machine again, I got the following error:  “Module DiskEarly power on failed. Failed to start the virtual machine.” The solution to solve this problem is to simply copy the files of the virtual machine to … Read more

New free E-book

Hello there, we have released a new e-book. It is about Windows Vista operating system. You can get it here (free):

BitTorrent Sync

I’m a computer engineer and during my workday I generally work on two computers, one at my workplace and one at my home. I used to sync my documents and other files between my work and home computer by using the free Windows Live Mesh app offered from Microsoft for free. It worked great for … Read more

Continued decline in the PC market

In the first three months of this year we saw the largest decline in PC shipments in history. According to data from IDC, PC sales in the first three months fell by nearly 14 percent, which the biggest drop in sales in the period since 1994. During the first quarter 76.3 million of PCs were … Read more

Electronic Enrollment in Secondary Schools in Croatia

This year the Republic of Croatia introduced the new electronic enrollment system for secondary schools. By doing this, Croatia practically became the first country in the world which has decided to introduce this system. The process of registration is done via the website The cost of the entire project was less than 150 000 … Read more